Working together

You bring the purpose, the content, the people and their experience.

We bring a lens, an ethic, and a way of working to the work you need to do.

Then, with the principles of living systems as our touchstone and guide, we design the conversational spaces and facilitate the social processes that get the work done.

And we do it together.

The principles of life and living systems challenge everything: including how people like us work with people like you.


Experience has taught us that the best client relationships are partnerships, in the truest sense of that word.

We work with you, not for you.

 We bring our outsider perspective to your insider perspective. As outsider-insiders, we see ourselves as part of the team, in which everyone contributes their experience and expertise and shares responsibility for the success of the work.

We will walk the path with you. But we cannot walk it for you.

Change cannot be outsourced.

We don’t have your answers.

We cannot make things happen.

But together we can create the conditions in which something new can happen.


What People Say

Far reaching

“I don’t think we realised how far reaching this journey would be. I suspect we were a group of ‘fixers’ looking for a professional fixer to help us fix [our organisation]. Fixing has been transformed into a process. ‘Process’ instead of ‘product’ has been a new realisation…”

A great way to learn

“The practice of working out the process together was really good; for me learning, facilitation and process creation came together as one in the practice. And I found that a great way for me to learn…”

Exemplifies systems

“At times I wondered where you got all the energy and was fascinated by your way of facilitation which was very flexible… For me that was a great learning because most people want to have control of how events will turn out, but actually as I reflect on our time of working with you it is only now I realise that your facilitation method exemplified how systems work…”

Touched deeply

“We will never be the same again… I do believe many of us have been touched at a deep level, inspired and challenged to begin a personal journey involving personal commitment, assuming personal responsibility and ongoing education in Living Systems. We realise this involves a collaborative approach, which is not intended to be the end-point and we see it as a starting point from which to move into a new way of being together. This calls for courage and a trust in each other and a belief that the Process IS the Product – so new to so many and so challenging to ALL…”


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