What is Culturework?

When you look at your organisation, what do you see?

A machine with levers you can pull to make things happen?

Or a networked organism. A living, breathing system?

What you see matters, because it changes what you do.

CultureWork is a repertoire of living system-inspired processes and practices

rooted in the belief that people, organisations and communities are self-organising living systems. Not controllable, predictable machines.

CultureWork is a way of working that supports cultural innovation by reimagining how people meet, communicate, organise and change.

CultureWork is both philosophical and practical.

Philosophical, because it’s a different way of seeing and thinking.

Practical, because it’s a different way of being and doing.

Our CultureWork processes reflect how life really works in elegant, practical ways.

Working this way is participative and collaborative. Democratic and dynamic. Creative and cutting-edge. Authentic and human.

And it’s changing the world because it’s changing the game.

It’s rooted in the belief that the deepest intelligence is found, not in the ‘parts’ or at ‘the top’, but in the system as a whole.

And the way to access it is to innovate at the level of organising and process: the way people work, together.

We call it CultureWork.

Working the way life works.


What People Say


“I found it really inspirational to differentiate between living systems and mechanical systems. I had a sense that I had a fair idea about systems but the clarity that you brought to my understanding was significant…”


“Understanding the systems approach has given us confidence to persevere, and we have grown in courage and gained credibility. The overall experience of work we have done has been liberating…”


“The way we worked together with you, as a team, collaboratively engaging as partners, was a great learning in tuning into our own wisdom as a group. For me personally, it was empowering…”


“The most valuable part of the work for me was coming to understand the systems approach to life, work, structures and relationships and learning to apply these principles in action. The realisation that when one thing shifts everything shifts was a huge liberation for me. It made the work of structural change possible. I learned to think about change in a different way….”

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