The Living Systems Revolution

Sometimes all that’s needed to have a new idea, is to stop having an old one.

Replace the logic of the machine with the language of complex living systems and, instantly, the world around you changes

Believing is seeing.

Through new eyes, hierarchies and bureaucracies become living communities.

Networks of relationship nested inside ever wider systems.

Suddenly, there’s no ‘out there’ out there. Everything’s connected.

We’re no longer separate or alone. We’re participants in a wider ecology of life that’s not static but fluid, constantly on the move.

Inside this webby world, we can never do only one thing. So what we do matters. More than we can ever imagine.

These are not just a few new ideas. This is a revolution of thought. A Big Idea whose time has come.

This new lens is quietly transforming a world deeply rooted in mechanistic thinking.

On the frontier of every discipline and profession, pioneers are using patterns in nature and the principles of living systems to restore environments, regenerate communities, repurpose organisations, reimagine work, and form ecologies of change around the toughest challenges of our time.

In the process, they’re creating a new cultural pattern. The pattern of the future formed from the intelligence of life itself.

CultureWork is part of this new pattern.

What excites us most is that the principles of living systems don’t just challenge us to change.

They offer us a way to change.


What People Say

Authentic Change

“I think the core of this work is to bring about authentic change by shifting our understanding of the living system of which we are part and providing the tools to make changes…”

Unleashing Potential

“For me, the essence of CultureWork is to facilitate and empower groups to first see and then unleash the potential for positive change that lies within the group…”

Changing Thinking

“The essence is learning about living systems and trying to change thought patterns, discovering new ways of problem solving, learning to harvest new learnings and attempting to be conscious that I am an integral part of a living system. All very practical…”


“CultureWork in its essence is, I think, about working the way Nature works – in loops and cycles. It is a process which is essentially experiential, non-dualistic, invitational, inclusive. It values diversity, creativity and openness to reality. It is above all evolutionary – open to change. In fact, welcoming change…”

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