The Deeper Why

This is a high stakes moment. What we do now matters.

The Age of the Machine is ending. We’ve bumped up against its limits.

Its story has run out of road.

Our systems are failing all around us. And they’re failing for a reason:

the clash between the way we think life works … and the way life really works.

The scale and speed of system failure means our institutions can’t adapt fast enough. Everyone’s stuck. Struggling to solve our problems with the same thinking – and processes – that caused them.

But this is no time to fix broken systems. It’s time to change the game.

Complex problems are interdependent problems. They can’t be solved in isolation.

Our most intractable challenges are deeply systemic and it will take unprecedented levels of collaboration to address them. Visions and solutions far beyond the mission and means of our current institutions.

Try as we might, none of us can think non-linearly. We’re not that clever.

The only way to think in a systemic way is together. Joined-up-thinking requires joined-up-practice.

We need a new kind of system governance and leadership based on very different ways of thinking and organising.

This is the meta shift of our time, one that calls for a new mindset and a new skillset:

thinking like an ecosystem by working as an ecosystem.

Like it or not, our culture is undergoing a radical transition.

We need people and structures capable of navigating that transition. And we need them urgently.

CultureWork is a new way of working, a new way of leading and a new way of organising… for a world in transition.


What People Say

Wake Up Call

“The awareness that I myself am a living system was a “wake up” moment for me! I knew it at one level but hearing Paula talk about it as an example of a living system gave me a heightened awareness that has stayed with me… I have become more conscious of the ‘knock on’ effect of what I do personally, what we do as an organisation, and what society does that ultimately affects the whole…”


“It awakened within me a strong sense of being a system within a larger one and made my life more expansive than it might appear even to me. I felt challenged to further inform myself about living systems and to really consider the application and implication of this work in all aspects of my life…”

Taking Responsibility

“Essentially this is our task, our challenge: To open our minds, our hearts and our very beings to what life is willing to teach us. The choices we make will determine the future of all of life. We have a responsibility to ‘wake up and smell the roses’ and start taking responsibility for how we live and how we relate…”

Seeing Differently

“If I think about what I have gained from working with you I feel you have enabled me to open my mind and heart and to see the world in a different and gentler way… as time passes and I get opportunities to practise what I have learned the world will be a better place for me and hopefully for those with whom I come into contact…”

Want to change the game? Let’s talk.


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