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The Climate Action Sprint

The Climate Action Sprint is an online programme supporting people who want to pivot their work towards creating a liveable world.

Let’s get started!

As the climate and biodiversity emergency becomes ever more urgent there’s a real desire to stop talking and take action.

If that sounds like you, then join The Climate Action Sprint!

The climate action sprint is

A space to connect your professional skills to the challenge of the climate and biodiversity crisis and discover what’s yours to do.

What happens in the Sprint depends on you – and where you want to go!


Essential Structure


Figure out how your skills and passions connect with the bigger challenge. Find a place to begin. A prototype you can test.


Take action and learn from doing. Mini experiments to move things along. Build your confidence.


Learn with and from other professionals who share your hopes and challenges. Develop an ecosystem of change.


Gather stories.
Reflect on progress.
Consider what next.


You’ll sprint to a start and find a seed, a place where you can begin to take action. Between each session you’ll experiment and try things out. We’ll come together to learn from each other and support our collective efforts. What happens in the Sprint depends on you – and where you want to go!

Seeing Systems, Seeing Ourselves.

We kick off  the Sprint with an introduction to Living Systems – a new lens through which to see the world and reimagine your agency. And an opportunity to meet your fellow travellers.

1 x 4 hour session

Sprint to a start.

Working in community, you’ll identify your strengths, your passion, your possibilities for action and your seed prototype.

Weekly: 7 x 2 hour sessions

Your Learning Journey.

With your ‘seed’ prototype, you engage in action learning experiments in your professional life.

Reflect, discover what works, iterate and learn.

Working where you are, over a four month period.

Facilitated Learning Community.

Support and accountability on your four month learning journey. Invaluable peer-to-peer coaching and learning. A place to reflect on your progress, find affirmation and constructive challenge to step outside your comfort zone. A place to learn with and from others, and maintain your momentum.

Monthly: 4 x 4 hour sessions (one per month).


Community Hour.

A place to check-in, find support and stay connected in-between monthly Learning Community sessions.

Bi-monthly: 4 x 1 hour sessions


Harvest Cafe.

Reflect on our experiences. Gather our stories. Celebrate progress. Consider our next steps.

1 x 4 hour session


What People Say

Power of Prototyping

“Prototype is a beautiful word. It lodged like seed and grew. It expanded my space of possibilities. It gave me freedom to move. I learned to take action…”

Learning Challenge

“So many organisations are looking for solutions. But there are no experts. That’s what I’ve learned. This really is a learning challenge…”

Out of My Comfort Zone

“In this space, I feel safe and inspired. It’s connected me with inspiring people and pushed me out of my comfort zone…”

Clearer Purpose

“I personally gained much more clarity on my purpose, allowing me to craft actions that really matter to me and my stakeholders…”

Everyone wins


For the individual:

For the organisation:

Develop a new way to think about complex issues - and discover what's yours to do

Cultivate a living-systems approach to life, work and change

Become personally empowered by taking action on the issues that matter to you

Discover the transformational power of learning through experience

Develop key leadership skills - listening, coaching and problem-solving

Grow your network of like-minded people - a community to learn with and from

Grow a culture of innovation and learning around strategic ecological challenges

Develop a new sense of collective agency to tackle our climate and biodiversity emergency

Attract and maintain the best people by giving their work meaning and purpose

Empower people to find solutions and learn how to address complex issues

Cultivate organisational community and communities of practice around ecological issues

Future-proof your organisational culture


What People Say

A Solid Structure

“Sprint is a solid structure that allowed something to happen among us. There’s something here I can’t do alone. And I don’t want to do alone. When I leave, I feel connected through the roots…

Questioned & Challenged

“There’s a wholeness to what’s happening. Everything resonates. I hear myself in every voice. I leave with good solid questions and challenges. I’m grateful for this space and I don’t want to lose it…”

Met Me Where I am

“I love the way you didn’t expect us to have an action in a specific way. It’s about wherever we are in our journey – helping me to start thinking, or pushing me into action, or testing my prototype…”

Prototyping as Adaptation

“As individuals we are in a time of adaptation, not mitigation. And there are clear opportunities to link prototyping as a way of working to the work of adaptation.”




Cultivating corporate community and collective agency around issues of common concern


People from different organisations who share similar professional challenges 


People who share a common cause, addressing system level issues together.

If this strikes a chord, and you’d like to bring this approach to your organisation or professional network, let’s talk.


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