People like you

People like you are everywhere. You may feel alone. But you’re not.

You’re part of a growing movement of pioneers who are responding to the unmet need for deep change in how we come together to do the work of our time.

Over the years we’ve noticed a pattern.

People who choose to work the way life works have something special in common.

Sure, they want to do all the things that people who manage and lead organisations want to do.

What sets them apart is on the inside.

They don’t fit the template.

They’re uneasy with business-as-usual. Round pegs in square holes. They make sense of the world differently. They naturally think outside the usual boxes.

But without a language to express their doubts or companions to confirm their intuitions, they often feel alone. Out of step.

Frustrated and bored by ways of working that plainly don’t work – problems that refuse to be solved, reform that never comes – they’re hungry for better way.

Then (just as we did) they stumble upon the principles and practices of living systems … and a light goes on.

This is it!

People are drawn to CultureWork because this way of thinking and working is a breath of fresh air. It feels authentic. Human. Hopeful. And liberating.

Working the way life works answers their instinct to manage and lead more collaboratively. More creatively. More effectively.

And they have the confidence and courage to take a risk.

Trust something else.

Try something new.


What People Say

Waited all my life

“My initial reaction and my abiding emotion was and is Yes! This is what I have waited for all my life. A sense of discovery, affirmation and rightness about it all – a sense of joy and excitement that something I’ve known deep down inside, is being articulated by someone else. A resonance…”

I learnt so much

“I learnt so much from the way we worked together and I felt enthused, involved and willing to feel co-responsible for ‘our’ work together. This led to encouraging many others to become more actively involved…”

Fell in love with it!

“Over and above, I think I fell in love with this way of working! Why? Because it’s a way that allows everybody to participate. There is freedom to choose to participate – nobody is forcing anyone to take part. And it’s a way that values interaction, conversation and communication. And I’m a strong believer in good communication in the system. …”

Profound effect on me

“Living systems as a totally different way of working had a profound effect on me personally, expanding and deepening my understanding of how evolution works… experiencing living systems at work within us, really.”

Want to join the movement? Let’s talk.


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