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Learning & Development

Our Public Offerings

Braver & Bolder: Exploring the Edge of our Courage

This workshop offers space and time to reflect on where your professional skills and personal leadership meet the ecological crisis.

Most of us don’t know where to begin. Most of us don’t even talk about this crisis at work. And yet our work is shaping the world. And every one of us must play our part in this decisive moment.

Designed as a provocation-and-conversation, Braver & Bolder is an opportunity to gather with others of like mind, explore where this meets your life and work, and ask ‘What’s mine to do?’

Braver & Bolder: The Climate Action Sprint

A Sprint is a catalyst for action. It’s a  time-bound, action-oriented way of working together for a specific purpose.

The Climate Action Sprint supports people who want to pivot their work towards creating a liveable world.

Participants clarify where their professional skills meet the ecological crisis, identify a prototype, undertake mini-experiments, learn from doing, create a learning community of like-minded professionals, and build momentum for change.

Living Systems Cafes

Our Living Systems cafe workshops offer an accessible intro to the intelligence of life and the principles of living systems.

We’ve presented these ideas to thousands of people in all walks of life – managers, HR professionals, teachers, entrepreneurs, social workers, faith-based communities, local government… they never fail to open minds and help people see their work with new eyes.

The lens and language of living systems challenges conventional ideas about people and organisations, power and leadership, problems and solutions, and how change really happens.

It was a great way to create momentum to move forward!… The Sprint would be suitable for anybody who wants to have a positive impact in the world and wants to move from just having ideas to having something concrete and to apply it in the real world.

Elsa Valdivielso Martinez


Stop thinking in silos, start working as systems

Become bolder by taking action

Improve skills: listening, coaching, problem-solving

Give work meaning and purpose

Build communities of practice around tough issues

Grow a culture of innovation and learning

Move from problem-focus to solution-focus

Make change relevant and do-able


What People Say

Power of Prototyping

“Prototype is a beautiful word. It lodged like seed and grew. It expanded my space of possibilities. It gave me freedom to move. I learned to take action…”

Learning Challenge

“So many organisations are looking for solutions. But there are no experts. That’s what I’ve learned. This really is a learning challenge…”

Out of Comfort Zone

“In this space, I feel safe and inspired. It’s connected me with inspiring people and pushed me out of my comfort zone…”

Clearer Purpose

“I personally gained much more clarity on my purpose, allowing me to craft actions that really matter to me and my stakeholders…”

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