In Search of Deep Change

In Search of Deep Change

What are we to do when our formal organisational and political systems are unable to speak the truth or act fast enough to bring about the level of change we urgently need? As Nature is the ultimate boss, the intelligence of living systems is where we’ll find the answers we’re looking for. And our response to Covid-19 is the pilot.

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After the Climate March: A Letter to Joe

After the Climate March: A Letter to Joe

In the age of climate collapse, what do we say to our children? The problems facing us seem too big to solve. And we seem too small. Doing too little, too late. As students take to the streets all over the world, demanding urgent action, this letter responds to one young man’s despair. And suggests where he – and we – may find inspiration and hope.

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Now and then we observe the world through the lens of living systems and our CultureWork perspective.

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