Our starting point is that life is more complex than standard routines admit.

We don’t flatten reality into a manageable simplicity.

We invite people to see how they help create the system they experience.

Everyone has a piece of the truth.

Working the way life works disturbs the tired habits that keep things the same and helps create a new culture for a new time.

Yes, there are practical outcomes.

Issues explored. Problems unpacked. Futures imagined. Decisions made. Initiatives designed. Prototypes tested. Teams assembled. Plans agreed. Resources shared.

Whatever you need to do, it gets done.

Creatively, generatively, productively.

People love this way of working.

But the benefits don’t stop there.

Beneath the surface something even more important is happening.

Working the way life works nourishes the cultural soil, providing multiple yields on so many levels – personal, social, intellectual, as well as practical – it’s hard to believe we’d do things any other way.

We’ve seen:

A new vitality. Personally, professionally, organisationally. A spring in the step.

New skills. A greater capacity for working and leading collaboratively.

Deeper questions. Questions that get to the heart of the matter.

Better ideas. Insights and breakthroughs that only happen when the dots are joined.

A sense of meaning and belonging. The coherence that comes with shared purpose and direction.

More potential. Deeper understanding and stronger relationships that make new things possible.

And more intelligent responses as people access their collective wisdom and find common ground.

When you work the way life works, being, doing, learning and changing happen…  at the same time.

You develop the organisation, the people and the relationships… at the same time.

You get consensus building, planning and implementation… at the same time.

These are not separate things. They’re interdependent outcomes of a way of working.


Everything’s connected, after all.


What People Say

Deeper Relationships

“The outcomes are continuing to evolve. We have a more fluid understanding of the work we are engaged in. Our relationships have deepened, we now listen much better than before even if the challenge is ongoing. While oiling the wheels of the group falls to a few people the leadership capacity in the group has increased greatly… We have a more positive approach to change, a sense of confidence that we can do this together….”

Exciting & Creative

“My own personal experience of working this way has been exciting; it has brought out the creativity in me and it has challenged me to let go the controlling, directive tendency I have. But it has also been grounded in a theory which gives it substance….”

New Eyes

“You brought a new understanding of ‘organic’ based on sound information and research; space for self-expression; new ‘eyes’ from which to view situations; different perspectives, angles; elements of surprise; space for fun… It was enjoyable; exciting; gave me a lot of tolerance for those who think differently; motivated me to continue; gave me insight into organic functioning and dysfunctioning! And the consequence of both. Gave me tools for other work. ..”

Life Changing

“The pace was so different and the process is somewhere deep inside and not in my head. The listening, reflecting, teasing out, drawing out the stories and experiences was very powerful and life changing…It was so exciting what was created from the very roots [of the organisation]… A door was opened that will not be possible to close again; some will not be satisfied with being told from ‘on high’.”

If this inspires you, let’s talk.


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